I work with many enlightened Masters, from the spiritual planes and I am always fascinated by our communication; it truly is an interaction of the self with a dual appearance. What is located beyond space, time and perception communicates with its counterpart located in space and time. Once beyond the space and time dimension, duality disappears, the mind ceases to exist and there is just silence. We call that peace. Language drops, perception drops, and we become a self-operating, self-governing dynamic of light and sound Intelligence. All external communication is in fact communication with our selves. We talk and question, all to understand and receive answers from within.
It brings to mind a well-known dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjun. In reality they are One but appear as separate. Humans are inter-dimensional beings, but we have not yet evolved to be aware of our full identity. What seems One in one dimension, seems dual in another and ceases to exist in yet another dimension.