What people say

“Use imagination to see stars in dark clouds.”
Ruby Bedi


“In this world wide web of confusion, there’s a voice that heralds reason and inspiration. It replaces confusion with clarity, fear with fortitude and imbues all experiences with spirit. This powerful voice belongs to Ruby Bedi.”

Bob Singh Dhillon
Canadian businessman

“Ruby is a bomb! I challenge anyone to spend a few hours with Ruby and not leave with a freshly rewired brain. Not only does she see right into your wildest neurosis, but without judgment she flips your harshest self-criticism into your highest calling. ”

Dr. Bruce Hoffman
Medical Director at The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine

“Ruby Bedi is an original thinker whose ideas in the The Soul Promise may shock you but won’t fail to stimulate your mind. Truly an amazing woman who mixes her real life world of the entrepreneur with the spiritual world of mysticism.”

Fred Langan

“In our fast paced world, one tends to forget the simplest of things in our life — and that is where Ruby comes in. Her unique ability to draw you into the realm of mind, body and spirit is like nothing I have ever experienced, and probably never will again.”

Adrienne Batra
Canadian journalist

“I consider myself a high achiever. I have a University Degree in Finance, have operated and owned my own businesses, have a successful real estate career in sales and investment, and am a professional currency speculator. My life has been about getting to the next level, having more (wealth, time, freedom, fun), and doing it quickly. Ruby has been amazing in helping me achieve my goals and create the life of my dreams. She is a true “Master” at what she does. Her process is unique and like nothing else I have ever experienced. Ruby has given me the power to break through my personal barriers and truly live life.”

Kirk Walper
Real Estate