“Everyone has a unique destiny and purpose. However, humanity has lost connection with the universal consciousness, so the path is blurred by fear, confusion, and uncertainty. The way is to live by inner truth; in this enlightened space everything is connected, lucid, and achievable”.

“Within the heart of every seeker lies the seed of true desire. This desire is contagious, and cannot but awaken the sleeping soul”

“As you become more aware of your inner truths, your outer life will change to become a clearer reflection of those truths”.

“Be aware of the culture which is ‘outside’ oriented. Begin to live inside out, and connect to the inner master, your inner voice”

“Look in the mirror from a Soul perspective and connect with your real beauty, a beauty that is probably hidden or disguised by suffering.”

“Be in touch with your own divinity – your own Soul intelligence. This divine intelligence was there before you were born, and will continue after the death of your physical body. It is actually your true identity”

“Not even the world’s greatest Magician, Saint, or Sage can fully see the Soul of another being; at best, they get glimpses which may help us in a moment of crisis and guide us in a particular direction. It is up to each of us to connect with our own essence, our own divinity – the radiant whisper of Soul that is calling us home to our original promise in this lifetime”

“There is a way to live without hanging onto the traditional structure of religion, philosophy, and culture. It is the way of the Soul, and there are as many ways as there are Souls”

“The universe will not deny you anything. You can have what you want as long as you keep in mind – that all living things, both big and small, are there for a reason, including you, and as such are to be respected.”

“Abandoning hope is more fearful than living with fear.”

“Take full responsibility and see the outcome. When you do everything because you want to and not because you are being made to, you’ll become like a self-governing machine with all the engines turned on. You will excel”

“Are you connecting to God through pain? Look around and ask yourself, whose pattern are you following? We inherit most of our perceptions through parents, siblings and people around us, and these patterns become hard to break”

“Perceive God in your own unique human way. Personal -impersonal, He – She is not relevant; God is God and as long as you are connected and communicating, you’ll be okay.”

“There is one God. All things are of God. You can live the God Principle by connecting with any cell of your body. Each cell is coded with your Soul purpose and promise for this life. Follow your inner guru, the sacred text, as that is your true master and guide. It will lead you to the life you are born to live.”

““Healing takes place first within. Good health requires the Soul to be the master, the mind to be clear of stress and burden, and the body to be alert and awake”

“Parmahansa Yogananda said: “Whatever you need will find you, even God.”

“Mother Teresa said: “Serve the needy and God will serve you.”

“Desires and dreams are the signposts that reveal our unutilized potential.”

“Doing something to change something within is the ultimate violence against yourself. Violence stems from non-acceptance. Unmet expectations result in pain and suffering. Be kind to yourself and once you can see your beauty, you will fall in love with yourself as you are. Without self-love, it is not possible to love others.”

“The present is still a gift we must give ourselves. Sadly, most of have never enjoyed this gift.”

“Parmahansa Yogananda said: “Whatever you need will find you, even God.”

“St. Francis of Assisi said: “It takes many lives to know God, but one to know yourself.”

“Osho said: “Indulge in the play and let God seek you.”

“Rumi, the great poet said: “Love God or dog, both will touch your Soul and make you cry. Tears are proof that you are alive and there is still more to love.”

“Krishnamurti said: The process of asking stimulates the inner mind. You become conscious of your knowledge and it bridges the gap between the known and the unknown. Questions are an effective way to Self Realization.”

“Act out your inspiration without worry or fear of the outcome because when you move from one action to the next, you create continuity and a pattern of spontaneity. This is the start of creating physical manifestation without limitations of the mind. The results are generally greater than what you might imagine.”

“Aurobindo was an Indian philosopher and poet who passed away two hours before I was born. From him I received: “Follow my inspiration and not my footsteps. My footsteps lead to my destiny not yours”

“Ramana Maharishi said: “Watch the happenings and you will realize the no-thingness. There is just is-ness; we make it something with our perspective. Be one with the is-ness, it is the only truth. Focussing on the perspective will mislead you.” With these words, he literally deposited me in the presence.”

“Most people deeply desire to know themselves and live out their full potential, but this desire is usually masked behind other desires. What do you desire? “

“Intention builds foundation and purpose; surrender creates the spontaneous flow.”


“Be aware that lecturing, teaching, preaching, and even emphasizing your own truth are often a deliberate form of manipulation when not in touch with pure awareness.”


“Let your realizations serve as vehicles of transformation. What you make of them is entirely up to you.”

“Are you living ‘out of a hole’ or from conditioned responses? We see little, we feel little, and we do little. Our little world becomes ‘be little-ing’ if not expanded. We cannot relate to anything beyond our confined space. This smallness is a direct result of not living up to our potential; it constitutes living out of a hole instead of a whole.”

“Feed your spirit with awareness. Your practices, whether professional work, meditation, play are for the purpose of developing your spiritual potential. Your work is but an extension of yourself.”

“We adopt beliefs unconsciously and out of ignorance, and follow the beliefs we are given, no questions asked. We are taught methodically and we teach the same way. We repeat, we teach, and we make others believe us; we remain unconscious and spread unawareness. Few of us question the perspective we are given. We seem to grow in the same direction and this gives us a lopsided understanding of the universe and of ourselves. In other words, we do not mature into wholeness.”

“Be aware that lecturing, teaching, preaching, and even emphasizing your own truth are often a deliberate form of manipulation when not in touch with pure awareness.”

“Sleep is not necessary, but rest is. Awakened Souls do not sleep.”

“To be fully present in Spirit, step outside the mental box and drop your plans and goals, or any defined pathway. Rational logic simply does not work in this realm. To be part of the flowing intelligence demands that you free yourself from everything.”

“We need freedom for life, not from life. At the level of Soul intelligence, we are the actor, the director, the scriptwriter and designer of our own play. We stage the play upon the space of consciousness and we are fully aware of the dream. At the deepest level, we are the clearing in which the dream arises and the play is performed.”

“On the physical plane, the purpose is not to seek freedom; rather, it is to connect with our authentic self and physically manifest our Soul dream. The earth plane partners with us, giving us ample space and opportunity to manifest that dream. It is our loss of connection to that dream which throws us off and taints our perception. Our limited perception interprets our playground as a battleground, our Soul partners as enemies, and our spiritual play as hardship. The entire landscape becomes distorted when we look at it from a smaller, more limited perspective. Unless we connect with the Soul designer, we can never understand the joy and purpose that manifestation entails.”

“To be fully present in Spirit, step outside the mental box and drop your plans and goals, or any defined pathway. Rational logic simply does not work in this realm. To be part of the flowing intelligence demands that you free yourself from everything.”

“We create children, not because they need to benefit from us, nor we from them, but for the play of consciousness upon the earth plane. In the act of manifestation, we leave behind part of our Soul and this is the highest act of surrender.”

“Live responsibly. We are intentional beings, and living here by our own Soul choice. By not accepting responsibility, we are, in fact, withdrawing and aborting the opportunity we worked so hard to create. We cannot initiate life with intention and then not pay attention to the fine workings of the body-mind-spirit instrument. Responsibility is not a burden but a way to lighten the burden.”

“Meditation, prayer, and contemplation are techniques to connect us to our remembrance of what we are here to do and to do it consciously. We are all time-bound and have limited time and space. It is our game, our life and our story, and we need to be fully involved.”

“Why do we have specific desires when there is so much to choose from? Why do we need things to be a specific way? Why do we pursue one person when there are so many others available? How can we be abstract and general if our Soul has been designed in a specific way, for a specific purpose, with a specific plan?”

“Pay attention to the conspiracy of synchronicity. The earth plane must have a vested interest in our game, because whatever we manifest remains here; the earth and its inhabitants also benefit from what we create. The Source, too, must also be involved in our game, as it cycles between breathing in our experience and exhaling itself into individualization for the sake of experience. The fact that I, as an individual being, can mirror the consciousness, reflect the Source, express intention, and create form, tells me that I am party to this conspiracy. Without the interwoven intention of many players, at all levels, the play cannot go on.”

“Only when we have broken through the illusion can we see the illusion did not exist. Your understanding of your quest on earth may be an illusion.”

“The spiritual journey is not about seeking; rather it is about the seeker. Each seeker is a physical manifestation of the most brilliant intelligence. The spiritual journey calls for a seeker who has realized their Soul potential and is now seeking to be one with its essence.”

“There are also seekers who are spiritual materialists. They focus on lack, whether it is finances, knowledge, motivation, or even inspiration. These seekers are usually aware of their shortcomings and they search for a deeper meaning through achieving success. They try to connect to the Source through the things they acquire and the things they create. Despite our knowledge, most of us focus on lack and this is what makes us fight for most of our adult lives.”

“I often saw images of Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree with full awareness. He tapped into an inner state; the enlightened state. He was seeking that which he already had, and the happening, as spontaneous as it may seem, was pre-ordained; desired, intended, and planned. He could not have escaped this experience even if he had tried; he was born with the genes and the spiritual intelligence to be aware and enlightened. As death finds us, so too does enlightenment.”

“Reincarnating is a natural phenomenon just as death is, the Soul intention, promise, and strength carry forward through the formless into form and is indeed a miracle. Death does not hold us back; rather it provides a new opportunity to fulfill the promise with more experience, wisdom, and knowledge. We move into a new possibility with a new outlook and a greater awareness”

“To know and witness and experience together are a potent mix for alchemy and if you then throw in the Soul, there is only awe and wonder.”

“Don’t look outside but look inside for all the answers. That which guides the external guides the internal. There are not two Gods and one and only one principle governs all things big and small. Everything we need to know is accessible from within.”

“Although we share family, religion, politics, social values, and culture, we seldom get to know each other. We communicate physically, emotionally, and intellectually but can we say we communicate spiritually?”

“Be aware; as much as we may want things; we truly want to BE. We want love, joy, and peace, and time and space to enjoy it all”

“In every sinner is a saint.”

“Knowledge empowers my mystery, but awareness makes it grow.”

“Keep seeking until the search gives you up; you will then have reached home.”

“Education is a means to power, and personal development brings forth the ability to hold that power. However, power without a purpose is as meaningless as a cat with two horns.”

“I realized that when we are in a conscious state, that in itself is a sovereign state.”

“It seems that each story has a beginning and an end, whereas in my experience, I could not find the beginning or the end. All stories are timeless; they run concurrently in time and space characterizing roles and content best suited for that particular time. The cast will change, so will the stage appearance, but the message will not change much from before.
The elements keep churning the same cycles in a periodic manner; the cause and effect illusion keeps building the mystery, and we keep buying into the concept of time, rather than experiencing the timelessness. Only when we lift the veil of ignorance and break the illusion, can we realize the non-duality and become one with the continuous play of consciousness.”

“I realized that when we are in a conscious state, that in itself is a sovereign state.”

“We live in an animated universe where everything is alive and alert; if we cannot see, feel, or experience it, the handicap is ours.”

“The Soul is born conditioned: Everything else after is an attempt to de-condition.”

“Sink into the Soul and it will lift you to the top.”

“Be precise; God hears even whispers!”

“Behind every miracle is a conscious intention and mindful planning”

“The process of awakening is not to learn more, but to remember more. Awakening can happen in an instant, but the knowledge that awakens is old.”

“Dreams don’t happen- we make them happen!”

“Specificity is the clue to your authenticity.”

“Freedom is the recognition of truth; it liberates us from living out of this incessant illusionary character and relapsing into the pathology of false perceptions. It takes intense awareness because truth unfolds slowly, but surely. The process itself is the awakening.”

“We must get off the see-saw of momentary connectedness, and frequencies of menace and distress. This may be challenging, but only a decision and commitment to truth can provide the sustaining power to move from who-we –are-not to who-we-truly-are.”

“Beware. Such is the effect of false perceptions and impositions; when we believe the illusion of the distorted images, we drop into denser frequencies and get stuck in a thick smog of pretentious holiness, and believing it to be Godliness, we fight with all our might. Those that we can convince become allies, and all others become enemies. This war, however false, is a battle that is never won. Piece by piece we break down, destroying everything including our own being. This fall from truth costs us freedom, knowledge and power.”

“There is no other person like you on this planet. Do you want to know truly who you are? A single promise to be true to yourself will unfold your truth!
A shattered perspective of our truth will reduce us from fullness to fractional, and we will develop a pseudo personality based on false perceptions that we actually believe to be true. If we believe it, then we will have lost the power to be our true self once and for all.”

“Very seldom comes an era in which the physical, mental, social, environmental, and spiritual components of life align with the stars and planets, presenting us with a singular opportunity to rise from the flesh and soar in spirit. But that time has come: It is Now.”

“Only when you set others free, will you be free.”

“A burning desire for truth will give us wings to fly.”

“When you can see that you are seeing, you will feel a power stirring within you, as if something coiled in you wants to wake-up and rise!”

“The Innocents have an eternal gift; they may suffer temporary amnesia and may not remember everything, but the memory of truth is never lost.”

“Truth is the inner mirror; it will reflect your light as long as it is clear and clean, but when it gets clouded and tainted it will reflect the idol mind, which has the appearance but not the quality of truth.”

“The idol mind is one which is rooted in belief. And a mind rooted in belief loses the ability to comprehend truth. Belief, however pure or positive, is still based on perception, and perception is a purely personal matter. Perception may point to truth, but is not Truth.”

“Belief is needed in the absence of Truth, for Truth needs no props, nor crutches, which are for the weak, the lame and the blind. Truth stands alone without hope or faith.”

“The Truth is not your personality, your ethics or your guiding principles. It is not a way or a path. But, sadly, most of us mistake our beliefs for truth, and then spend our lives defending and propagating these personal, often false notions, believing them to be the truth.”

“Who am I ?
That you will know once you know who you are not.”

“If someone else were to tell you who you are they would be violating the truth, as defining you would require a belief. Truth would be misconstrued if someone else defined you, and then you started to believe in what they believe you to be.
You would adopt their belief as yours, and then forever after you would want to, and try to live up to these inherited beliefs. These beliefs would become your truth, and you would cage yourself so, that not even you would be able to set yourself free. And then you would attempt to live the belief fully for fear of being less. This would be a dishonor to you and to them who defined you.”

“Truth when spoken in the word disintegrates everything that comes before it. It is the ruler of the present with no before and after. And that is how it sets you free.”

“There is only one way to know truth, and that is to embody it.”

“Truth has the power to destroy everything before it. It stands alone without any crutches.”

“This close to the coming not even a blade of grass moves without purpose. Every moment is precious, and one needs to be present and awake. Any idea, inspiration or hunch must be followed with action, and truth is to be spoken at all times. One must reveal their true identity and act from it so there is instant recognition and we waste no time.”

“What kind are YOU?
Most of humanity has lost their true identity. Today millions are living a single point identity, and believing it to be their true selves. This is an identity created from who we think we are, what we think we should have, and our personal perceptions of how things and others should be. This identity could be inherited, borrowed or just copied from others.
Single point identity people all think and act the same way. While their goals and desires may look different, they are really all the same. Their focus is to achieve what they think they should have at any cost. Single point identity people are driven by ambition. They like to be rich, successful and famous. They live to achieve, versus those who desire to experience life to the fullest.
While one focuses on achieving, the other focuses on experiencing. The first type suffers similar stresses; they are more self-serving, they like power and they sway between emotions of joy and anger. They are strong, generous, happy and fun – as long as they get what they want. When they don’t, they dip into anger and frustration, and resort to any behavior from meanness, depression and oppression to get what they want. They thrive on attention, and theirs is a tunnel-vision; they’re narrow-minded. The usually support others only when there is something in it for them.
The second type are the ‘jollies‘. They are authentic, original and more wholesome as their focus is to “experience” life with their true identity. They are present and not burdened with false projections or perceptions. They embody and enjoy everything to the fullest without any agenda or stress. It is a pleasure to be with them as they don’t have that ‘what can I get from you, or how can I impress you?’ attitude. Since they don’t need to impress, their expression is true and real. These heart-warming people don’t put others at risk for their gain. They create everything, even wealth, with a focus on experiencing their inner self and outer creativities. They all have one thing in common: plenty of abundance.”

“If there was an event that could match the intensity of the collective suffering of wars, genocides and other distresses, and this event included millions of people all at the same time in the same space doing something intensely positive, it would be enough to neutralize the collective distress.
But it cannot just be positive. It has to be something very intense and life enforcing. We must infuse our body cells with the vibration of truth so we can spread the message far and wide.
Can you imagine the effect when the majority holds one desire intensely to embody Truth?”

“Can we hope to empty out the residue of pain and distress from the collective? If we don’t heal the collective or do something to neutralize that pain, we will all keep suffering from stress and anxiety.”

“Treat your body with respect and keep it clean; it is the house of light. And this same light houses many Souls. If even one cell loses harmony, so will all the others, and it will then remain a body of flesh without a Soul.”

“I will place the desire to embody Sapphire as I project this vibration through every cell in my body. As trillions of cells awaken in me, I will have embodied truth fully and wholly. And as each cell awakens in me, so will a Soul outside.”

“Physical pain heals quickly, but not suffering, which is of the collective mind. When this occurs we block healing and suffer longer or even forever. This also means that while an individual may be strong, the collective can make us weak if we are not aware.”

“The dimension of Truth, which only a few have accessed so far, is now descending upon us. We will all have to enter it. Our choice is whether we face it head first or feet first.”

“Beware the collective mind. A dimension in itself, this thought space is storage where every activity is stored. Now imagine an event like World War II, or a genocide where the mass majority of people experience an identical crisis at the same time, in the same space. This collective stress is far greater than a few people randomly under stress. Trauma and panic from major occurrences are collected in this storage and when we think, we’re actually dipping into the collective stress stored over endless time. Suffering is a sign of an individual expressing this collective.”

“When you pray, focus on the body as the temple and the prayer – not as an asking or talking, but as a silent communion with yourselves. The talk is of the mind, which is a collective thought space, and notices only lack.”

“Very few know themselves or God. It is but natural to fear anything we have no knowledge of. Our relationships to each other and to God have become transactional because of our distorted beliefs. Even worse, we keep defending and justifying ourselves, which leads to creating more and more separation.”

“Why do people depend on others to pray for them? Why can’t they pray to God themselves? It is plainly a lack of faith in the self. A long time ago people were told they were not worthy, and till today many still believe that they do not have the power or purity to connect.”

“A miracle is not the ultimate cure; anyone who has experienced a miracle will tell you so. Miracles you see, are needed for people with less faith. Those who know God’s work have faith and need no such proof.”

“Innocents are not exhibitionists. Neither do they carry the banner of truth nor are they the first to speak their mind unless spoken to. Silently, they hold the desire and let it work through and for all.”

“Brawls are sometimes essential as people need to test each other and display their power. It is all part of the movement; no behavior or attitude is wrong IF it wakes up the inner power.”

“People pray for things but never dare ask for everything. And when they receive things it usually happens too in bits and pieces, and never the whole thing. They ask for what is missing in that present time, but by the time they get it they may need something else. This is as painful as standing on hot charcoal while hopping from one foot to the other. If not health, then it’s wealth; if it not peace, then purpose; whatever the current lack be. But Truth has no mind thus does not sway. Only Truth has the power to deliver everything and ground you at the same time”

“Beware! Thinking is building more beliefs, to secure your idol mind.”

“An idol mind does not have the grounding force of truth. It takes you everywhere other than where you should be. It keeps you from seeing and experiencing things as they are; instead, you will see things as you believe they are. There is a huge difference between the two. One is pseudo and the other real. The biggest loss is that we have lost our power, position, purpose and soon our memory to return home to who we truly are.”

“Waking up is being present. You don’t wake up for or to be something, in fact you wake up from something you are not.”

“The absence of truth robs us of our true identity, leaving us extremely vulnerable and insecure. And when we have thoughts, we grab onto them and we make them into things, and then idolize them to the point that they become our reference, and sometimes our identity. Beware…this is the idol mind.”

“This close to the coming not even a blade of grass moves without purpose. Every moment is precious, and one needs to be present and awake. Any idea, inspiration or hunch must be followed with action, and truth is to be spoken at all times. One must reveal their true identity and act from it so there is instant recognition and we waste no time.”

“In the right environment truth unfolds from within, as opposed to being learned from without. The teacher’s responsibility is to provide the right environment for the student so the student can unfold into their own knowing and wisdom.”

“We have compromised ourselves and settled for far less than we are. It is not what we lack, but that we lack that is a sign of the compromise.When our goals are financial, emotional and physical, know that our well-being is compromised. When our goal is freedom and liberty, then we know we are still far from truth. And the time is now for us to switch from compromise to Truth.”

“Truth will give us the power to explore and create worlds still concealed from man and science. A desire for truth will awaken the power to birth unlimited and parallel worlds from our world, all in one space and time, and bring us all together.”

“Our schools must provide the perfect playground to experience truth. Only in the right environment will unfold our true power with purpose. Schools must teach that individuals and the collective are one, that vision and the visionary are truth in motion, that each of us is an artist born to design and craft our worlds within and without.”

“The new world did not exist before the old, and neither will the old exist before the new. This, my friends, is the alchemy of true power. Like a dragon, the light swallows the past and breathes out another world that also disappears soon after. All that remains is a vision.”

“Be aware of lack. It signifies loss of true identity and power and is a sign of lost purpose. This is the curse, and this is the curse you are here to break.”

“Be aware of the lack. It will tempt you with gifts you cannot refuse, it will offer help, or even seek help to engage you, and once you fall, it will never let you rise. It is a plague that will destroy you. Not only will you lose yourself, but the memory of who you are will forever be lost and forgotten.”

“Every age opens up different worlds and new phenomena so the unknown can become known. Where we have come from in the past did not value holistic growth, and even today we have not embraced it. We have delved deep into the mind, but not far enough to pick up the real gem, our Truth. The pearls we picked up have brought benefits and added value, but along with a rich lifestyle, we have also created hierarchy and imbalance.”

“The ‘I knows’.
Long ago, Ms. Known became very lonely. She went out searching for a husband. A suitable match would be one who would equal her knowledge, intelligence and power. She was the queen of the known with many loyal subjects. Her knowledge was accepted as truth far and wide, with no other visible authority in the realm. So much so that it became a reference point for arts, literature and science. Well! Ms. Known did find her match when she met Mr. Unknown. He ruled with power and authority over what was still not known. Love at first sight bonded these two powers and they created a continuum from then to whatever, ever and ever. And from their love was born a child who they named I Know. I Know inherited the powers and grew up believing that he was I Know because he knew everything there was to know. So I Know is one who believes he knows.
I Know knew what he knew, but he only knew from what was known. This is limited perception, rooted in the known. The unknown is a belief and not a true reality. The unknown then is just a projection of the known.
The perceived power of both the known and the unknown is more demented than multi-dimensional. Imagine one standing at the bottom of the hill looking at the top believing that he can see everything from top to bottom and from bottom to top. What if there are hidden paths along the hill that can be seen only when one gets there? And what if these paths lead to other dimensions outside the known unknown?
So, if ever you run into someone who says ‘I know,’ then realize they really don’t know; they may just be empathizing, not wanting to get engaged, avoiding looking for a way to change the subject, or even using ‘I know’ to break from the conversation to make a quick getaway.”

“If you examine belief you will find it is rooted in some self-serving agenda. Those who impose beliefs on others to influence them, do so for personal benefit. Once you benefit from beliefs, you will not be open to truth, as truth will not serve you the way belief does.”

“Man: Do you know where I can find truth?
Guide: Yes, exactly where you lost it.
Man: But I don’t remember where I lost it.
Guide: Follow your memory, until it leads you to the time where you stopped remembering, and right there you will find what you have lost.”

“Do you willingly lose identity just to save face?
A story: One day I sent out my goat to look for my dog, who had been missing since morning. The goat, eager to please, took off like a bullet. She could not find the dog, and feeling too embarrassed to come home empty handed, she brought home a big cat that kind of looked like my dog. With my weak eyes I could not tell the difference. That is, until I patted the cat thinking it was my dog. “This is not my dog,” I said, to which my goat replied, “and I am not your goat.”
What is more important to you, your identity or face?”

“Wars are fought differently today. Enemies no longer cross borders with tanks, artillery and ammunition. We don’t take captives like we used to, neither do we want to occupy territory like before.
Instead, we create internal riots, rebellions, discord and violence. We break the harmony and create splits socially, religiously, and otherwise, and it is all done from within; this is the silent takeover.
Today’s ammunition is commerce, so we secure resources and infiltrate internally. When we see signs of corruption, exploitation and distortion, we know the enemy has already taken over and claimed victory.”

“Believe so that we are Truth. We only want to create Truth, and the reason we are here in the physical is to incarnate Truth. Many worlds and dimensions will remain dark and unknown unless we turn on the lights and be our true selves.”

“Since we’re in physical form, our source must also be physical. If we assume that the dimension of Truth was ‘out there’, we must know that ‘out there’ is the projected known. We cannot know what we cannot embody, and once we embody it, there is no need to know the known. Embodiment is a direct energy transfer. Words are energy derived from the known, and only go so far. Where words stop, light goes.”

“Be aware. Perception has the power to give truth any name and form. Whatever you declare it to be, it will be. And whatever you call it will always remain a memory. If ever any other name is given after yours, it will cause a split. As good is God and bad is evil, and so with names of religions. This perception has beheaded truth and created perceptions that are extremely dangerous to our well being.”

“Perception of truth supersedes Truth is not conscious of itself, it has no mirror; and without perception it has no existence. You are the perception that brings it to light and gives it life. This puts you first and truth second.”

“Truth does not need faith. The ocean, the planets, the galaxies existed before we could discover and verify their existence.”

“Truth is anonymous and our perception autonomous. Let each person declare their own truth, and give it the name and form they can live with in full responsibility. This is true Swadharma.”

“Seeking Truth is more of Truth seeking you.”

“Beware. The damage caused by falseness could be irreversible. We can rebuild properties, but we cannot rebuild people.”

“We are in the midst of a war; our resources are in danger. It does not serve us to be territorial and consider our land and people as different from those beyond the boundary.
The resources have no boundaries, and neither do the elements. Our water body and air spaces are polluted. We are being subjected to mysterious viruses and diseases, and more dangerous still is the disease of forgetfulness. This is where we lose our true identity and purpose, and this is a sign of the enemy takeover.
We must act before it is too late.”

“The enemy within or without is a sign that we are compromised. Humanity has shifted from the individual to the personal~ the individual being a whole, and a person being a reflection of the whole.”

“The might of Innocents is unparalleled. They open doors we don’t even know exist. They go where we dare not. To us, the enemy is always the enemy, but the Innocents have offered us an opportunity to break down all walls and barriers, and unite to build a healthy and safe world for us and our children.”

“Dis-ease is a self-revolt against the false – the false environment and culture that is contrary to one’s truth. Both the elders and the children are showing signs of dis-ease, and they both need to heal.”

“All the light and love outside cannot turn on the light inside if the original memory is lost. And it does not matter what you have, not embodying your Soul is like living out of the grave; that is how dead a body is without the flame of the Soul to fire it. Truth will rise, but not until the false falls, and this fall means breakdowns, disease and distress.
~Michael Jackson confides to Ruby Bedi, 2012 (from One Billion Balloons).”

“My fellow beings, we are walking, talking fields of atomic energy with built-in reactors and modulators which, when tuned into the right frequency, protect our memory and force with which we create our life purpose. But if we fall from this resonance, we go off track and detonate our resources; we become our worst enemy and destroy our selves. This is very dangerous.”

“It is the age of unrealized potential. Along with building lifestyles and assets, we must build our real asset, the Self. Let us rise beyond flesh and blood, ignite the solar force within each cell of our body and resurrect our true selves.”

“Mothers, arise! Take charge of your children.
A mother’s will is stronger than any other force known, and your promise to be true is TRUTH itself. Single handedly, you can change the mind graph from thinking loitering thoughts, to a holistic embodiment of being.”

“Truth has no face and no identity.”

“We all as parents, want our children to better us in every way possible. We want help them reach the top, the top we think is best for our child. In doing so, we create an imposition that is hard to recognize and even harder to break. In the process we end up aborting the real experience of being the parent. Let us set high standards, but not tell children how to reach them.
When we project ourselves onto our children we violate their pure essence and interfere with their unique identity. This creates conflict. When we envision their future for them, we rob them of their true power. When we compare them with ourselves or others, we create stress and a split in who they are, and who they ought to be. This makes them mediocre and weak.”

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