“Love will take you out, Silence will bring you within.”
Ruby Bedi

Ruby Bedi - Spiritual Leader & Public Speaker

Born in India to a Hindu mother and Sikh father, Ruby Bedi attended a Catholic School and was raised by a Buddhist nanny. These multi-religious experiences served her Soul Purpose to the fullest. After spending her childhood under the tutelage of India’s great spiritual teachers, Ruby came to Canada as a young adult, where a
shattering spiritual breakthrough in 1992 instantly connected her to a different dimension and several enlightened and divine beings.

Integrating their collective wisdom and blessed with phenomenal abilities, she began work as a spiritual guide. Born clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, she set up her ‘mind lab’, where she integrated her energy, time and space to come into complete awareness and self- realization. To integrate her life’s work and purpose, she has co- founded lnlighten Globala non-profit spiritual organization, aimed at alleviating the hurt and suffering we are burdened with today.

Ruby Bedi is a powerful mystic, a seer, spiritual guide, and a public speaker. She experienced a dramatic and sudden transformation in Calgary, Canada in 1992 from a young Indian socialite, to a successful entrepreneur, to a self-realized master with one single goal to awaken human beings to their fullest potential to create harmonious, pain free and a better world. Through workshops, active meditations, mass healing events and crowd- dialogues she has spread her simple and radical techniques with utmost, clarity, simplicity, humour and deep love. Her thought provoking strategies are eye opening and a bolt of lightning that offer immediate transformation and a new way of identifying to ourselves and our environment.

It is up to each one of us to connect with our own source and essence – Follow the radiant whisper of Soul that is calling you home to your original promise in this lifetime…

                                                                                                                                                                               Ruby Bedi – Spiritual Leader

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