"There’s many paths out there, follow your soul to find yours."

Ruby's message for Today

“Break the Bottle. Free the genie because you are no longer trapped by perfectionism. The need for a perfect you, a perfect life, perfect job, perfect health, a perfect relationship or even a perfect way to do things is gone. Always being proper is no longer relevant but only you can say no to perfectionism and yes to living a natural life. Today you can shed the heavy burden imposed by social and cultural ideologies. The world needs to see who you actually are, not who you are trying to be.”.



“I see myself as a theatrical space, where the body, mind and Soul come together. I become the actor, the audience and the stage itself. I listen to the Soul as it speaks through visions, questions, and dreams. I give the Soul centre stage and let it take the lead.”



“We must rise together, no one should be left behind. Together we can eliminate suffering and reach the highest spiritual peaks as awakened beings. Whereever you are,  take responsibility, and be true to yourself and all others. Find your greatness to serve you and your world, starting today. ”



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People pray for things but never dare ask for everything. And when they receive things it usually happens too in bits and pieces, and never the whole thing. They ask for what is missing in that present time, but by the time they get it they may need something else. This is as painful as

The Art of Change

Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ We all want change especially in these times but don’t always know how to change. So here’s one step to create change inside and outside. “Stand by and with”. Standing with yourself is being kind and compassionate to yourself and what you

The Idol Mind

An idol mind does not have the grounding force of truth. It takes you everywhere other than where you should be. It keeps you from seeing and experiencing things as they are; instead, you will see things as you believe they are. There is a huge difference between the two. One is pseudo and the

The Collective Mind

Beware the collective mind. A dimension in itself, this thought space is storage where every activity is stored. Now imagine an event like World War II, or a genocide where the mass majority of people are experiencing an identical crisis at the same time, in the same space. This collective stress is far greater than

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