The Soul Promise

“Yearn for love, not just lovers.”
Ruby Bedi



Praise for The Soul Promise

“The Soul Promise” is an inspiring story of an inner journey that will awaken a deep exploration of your true being, and the inner wisdom of your soul.”

Dr. John F. Demartini, CEO and Founder of the Demartini Institute

“Reading “The Soul Promise” will be the best investment of time you have ever spent. Ruby Bedi has changed my life, and I consider her my spiritual guide. She can do the same for you”.

Howard F. Lyman LLD, Writer, Professional Speaker and Advocate

” Regardless of your religious affiliation, “The Soul Promise” delivers true spiritual wisdom and convinces you of being a divine soul. you can begin to live from that perspective right now. Author Ruby Bedi does not hold back with her truth about who she is, and through her visions her soul purpose in this life. The road to spiritual enlightenment is an experience available to anyone ready to step up and follow the thread of this inimitable piece”.

Sujata S. Sabnis, Writer and Novelist