The deep despair of not being able to directly connect with my soul, with my God, was too much. Night after night, I lay in bed crying, eventually falling into an exhausted sleep. I had given up hope of anything changing, when it finally did.
I was awakened by a voice whispering, “You are a healer”. An old man, possibly in his late eighties, was rubbing my third eye. I opened my eyes and he retreated to the foot of my bed. I felt a luminous force, full of compassion and love pouring through me like a great rushing river.
“Don’t be afraid,” said the old man, telepathically. “You will learn all you need to know about me and the many others who will come to support you in your work.”
“What work?” I thought.
“Healing,” he answered.
“I can’t heal,” I thought worriedly.
“You will be shown,” he assured me.
“Who will believe I am a healer?” I asked.
“They will be shown,” he said. “You will have visitations from many masters. Each will heal and support you to heal others.” There was total silence as I absorbed his holy presence.
It wasn’t till a few days later my friend who I hadn’t seen for a while, came over with a photo.
“My father sent this for you, Baba appeared in his meditation and asked him to give his photo.” Shirdi Sai Baba was a saint and a healer who had passed in 1978. With hundreds of temples dedicated to him, he is worshipped by millions. He has ever since kept his promise appearing as and when is needed. He kept a promise to me that night, one made long before my memory.