“I am here to help you. Keep your focus on me and remain in my presence. Remain with me and soon the fever will come down and you will regain your strength.” He said. I was in so much physical pain, but He said he would be with me, and I would remain in his frequency for forty days, by the end of which I would manifest the energy needed for healing.
I fell back asleep and that night I had a vision. I entered an ancient temple and went down the main hall. It was complete darkness except for the light of a single candle burning on an altar, upon which lay an old scripted text. I knelt in front of it, surrendering to its sacred knowledge. Just then, I heard lightning and the beating of rain, and the wailing of high winds blew through the room and flipped the pages of the text. I could barely see the words and yet the pages were flipping inside me. The pages were awakening memories of events I must have experienced before. Throughout my body, I felt the rekindling of an old flame illuminating old forgotten knowledge and the wisdom of the ancients.
Christ’s words rang in my ears, “You have everything you need within you,” he said. “Being in the company of the sacred will re-awaken your own inner sacred text.”