What Kind are YOU?

Most of humanity has lost their true identity. Today millions are living from a single point of identity, and believing it to be their true selves. This is an identity created from who we think we are, what we think we should have, and our personal perceptions of how things and others should be. This identity could be inherited, borrowed or copied from others. Single point identity is when all people think and act the same way. While their goals and desires may look different, they are really all the same. Their focus is to achieve what they think they should have, at any cost. Single point identity people are driven by ambition. They like to be rich, successful and famous. They live to achieve, versus those who desire to simply experience life to the fullest. While one focuses on achieving, the other focuses on experiencing. The first type suffers similar stresses; they are more self-serving, like power and sway between emotions of joy and anger. They are strong, generous, happy and fun – as long as they get what they want. When they don’t, they dip into anger and frustration, and resort to any behavior from meanness, depression and oppression, to get what they want. They thrive on attention, and theirs is a tunnel-vision; they’re narrow-minded. The usually support others only when there is something in it for them. The second type are the ‘jollies’. They are authentic, original and more wholesome as their focus is to “experience” life with their true identity. They are present and not burdened with false projections or perceptions. They embody and enjoy everything to the fullest without any agenda or stress. It is a pleasure to be with them as they don’t have that ‘what can I get from you, or how can I impress you?’ attitude. Since they don’t need to impress, their expression is true and real. These heart-warming people don’t put others at risk for their gain. They create everything, even wealth, with a focus on experiencing their inner self and outer creativities. They all have one thing in common: abundance.