The Art of Change

Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ We all want change especially in these times but don’t always know how to change. So here’s one step to create change inside and outside. “Stand by and with”. Standing with yourself is being kind and compassionate to yourself and what you want to change, especially if it is an inner change. So if you want to change your reactionary and angry habit then you must first recognize and own it, seek help to come up with a plan to correct it and then follow with gentleness. Don’t punish yourself or think you are less or not good, for example do not use words like “I hate myself, it’s impossible to change, I know my anger will one day destroy me”, rather gently hold your head high, be strong and sure and do what it takes to change. It helps to know that you are more than your nature, you can learn and re-develop your nature. Be your friend, rather than an adversary, stand with yourself, not against yourself. Now follow the same strategy to create change outside. Be steadfast and persistent with people and situations that need to change. Hold your ground, come up with alternate plan that you think will work if possible and then fight the situation rather than the person. Be mindful of the ego, it can weaken your stand, confuse the issue and delay the process of change. Change becomes an art form and the one creating the change a gentle forceful artist when it is for the good for one and all.