Relationship Enlightenments

Every Relationship has to undergo its highs and lows, just like a sea saw ride… We get upset; we make up again, at times whole heartedly, other times by force or with compromises. But trust me it’s not as bad as it seems. The progression of thoughts ruins us, and the relationship, more than the actual facts. So true! So let us honestly evaluate few interesting facts about your closest relationship 🙂

Seven signs that ascertain that your relationship is perfect:

  1. You don’t fear or hesitate in sharing your secrets; be it about family, friends, money, or your feelings etc, with your partner.
  2. You can perceive and predict your partners’ need via his or her body language, expression, dialogue, verbal and non-verbal signals.
  3. Unconditional acceptance of certain things in your partner. Their habits, nature, and tendency, while at the same time you are free to remark jokingly or casually about the same.
  4. You can fight without fear about something you felt was wrong or weird.
  5. Your family approves of your partner much more than you do in most of the scenarios.
  6. You feel most anxious, when you both aren’t talking for more than an hour and look forward to that mutual making up hug.
  7. When you are not insecure about the behavior of your spouse and know for sure that he or she will stand by you, no matter what, it is then that your relationship can be reckoned near perfect.

Even if five from the above listed points are correct, you are one of those blessed couples. Respect and cherish your relationship.

Good luck- Stay Blessed 🙂