What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you find it easy to look at yourself in the mirror? What thoughts come up in your mind?  “I look old….I look tired, I could shed a few more pounds….I’m so ugly, no one could ever love me… I’m a successful strong woman or man…..God I’m looking smoking hot! I’m the worst in my class; I’ll never succeed….etc.” The thoughts flow out like a river.  

We tend to analyze a lot when we look at ourselves in the mirror, but what is that analysis based on?  Arguably it’s either based upon self-perceptions or others’ perceptions of who they think we are. We are also bombarded by what society tells us what we should be or who we are, a brilliant doctor, a successful lawyer and father, a beautiful wife or stay at home mom, the best lover, a number crunching accountant, a politician, oil and gas worker, an entertainer, so on and so forth.

Barraged with the similar set of questions, Michael Jackson verbalized his feelings into a beautiful song, “Man in the Mirror”. It was an undeniable fact that he was a brilliant entertainer and a marvellous singer; however he also had a higher purpose in life which he never saw in the mirror. Ruby Bedi’s book “One Billion Balloons” speaks more on that.


I remember drawing a self-portrait in university art class many years ago, and funnily enough the image of my face was a true depiction of what I looked like but my eyes were shut.  I could not look at my eyes or into my eyes, let alone draw them because I was truly unhappy with who I was. I didn’t want to see myself in my eyes because I was very unhappy with what I was doing and what I had become. Don’t get me wrong I love art, everything about it, I didn’t love who I was and was living a life that was not aligned with my true purpose in life. Looking at the mirror becomes easier only when we are absolutely happy and in love with ourselves.  There is an exercise I’d like you to try, as it really helped me build the power within, to recognize who I was, what was my real purpose in life and begin to truly love what I saw in the mirror. Here’s what you need to do:

  • You will need a small pocket mirror that you can carry around
  • Find a quiet place in your house, at work, in your car, in the washroom, etc
  • The exercise will take two to six minutes, pending on the “stuff”
  • Sit still and breath blue light into your third eye for five breaths, relax
  • Now open the mirror and stare fully into your eyes, just your eyes, you can blink but maintain the gaze
  • Let the thoughts and images flow like a river out of your mind, this is the “stuff”, the untruths about you
  • ‘DO NOT’ break the gaze until all the thoughts and images have passed; if you are interrupted, continue when you can; if you have to stop, then do so but be sure to do the exercise again at the earliest convenience
  • To cleanse you can breathe rainbow light into the crown chakra (top of head) to fill the body five times and say “Maaaaaaa…..” in a long drawn out breath one to three times. This exercise should be done three to six times a day or more, if you feel you have a lot of “stuff”
  • When doing this exercise before bedtime, follow with the ‘Dharan Kriya’ to cleanse and connect to your soul
  • Continue to do this exercise for several weeks, until you can maintain the gaze and see strong fiery eyes in the mirror
  • Check in every now and then  to maintain and sustain the power and intensity in your eyes
  • You will notice a shift in how you see yourself and what you perceive of yourself, you will feel lighter, you will no longer be plagued by the “stuff” and you will know who you are and what you are meant to be in this life.

As for your true identity only you can tell yourself who you really are or what you should be.  The intensity of the light in your eyes tells you who you are, and guides you on your soul path.  That intensity helps you embody your true self, and lets you live wholesomely and truthfully.

Peace, Love and Light

     Carol Ann