You know I once read an interesting quote which said that, “Shamans believe that if a person has not honoured the true pathway given to them by the Great Spirit, they will become lost in a confusing network of their own thoughts, desires and schemes.”, (Healing Tarot).

I deem this to be true. Before we decide to descend the earth, each soul chooses its purpose, what they want to be, what they want to learn, the kind of life they want to experience, the people they want to be with, family, friends, co-workers, etc.  The tricky bit is that soon after our birth most of us tend to forget what that ‘soul purpose’ is.  The goal of each journey is to become fully aware, conscious, and to connect with the soul, remember what our ‘soul purpose’ is, live that path and purpose and also honour the life we are given.  Yet, as we grow and age, we are shaped by society’s beliefs and our experiences. Eventually the mind takes over creating an oversized ego, because of which the soul then takes a back seat.  

We begin to drown in our thoughts, desires and schemes that are a collective product of society’s ego, culture, economics, environment, and social media, which is further based upon self-gratification.  We become self-centred. We do not honour the life we are given, we abuse this precious gift and also condemn others, we are truly mislaid.

As we become lost in this confusing network, we move further away from our ‘soul’ purpose and we become detached.  Life actually becomes difficult, accumulating nothing but stress, and it constantly feels like we are swimming upstream.  Pain, suffering, sadness, worthlessness, and disease occur. However, some, when lost, begin to question why this is happening, and what can be done to change this life, knowing that there is more than this.  

Then in pursuit of our ‘soul purpose’, we begin to become conscious, or as the Shaman’s believe “honour the true pathway the Great Spirit gave us”.  Living the true pathway or the ‘soul purpose’ is effortless, easy, it is going with the flow, and it is an understanding of oneness, it is respecting and honouring life.

How can we get in touch with that true pathway, the soul purpose?  Practice the ‘Dharan Kriya’ daily.  Visualize the rainbow light in your body and ignite the cells with your soul’s vibration, connect with your ‘soul purpose’.  Also show compassion to everyone, be kind, loving and caring.  Walk the true path.

Peace, Love and Light