Once a man was walking through a forest and as he stopped to eat his fare, he saw a fox without legs. He was still wondering as to how it survived, when soon enough he saw a tiger bring game in his mouth. The beast settled down and had his fill, leaving the rest for the fox.

The man became curious and to know more he came the next day to the same place and from the safety of the tree waited to watch what happened. Sure enough, the scene repeated itself. This provoked the man to think again of his own struggle for food and existence.

Now in total awe of the almighty’s greatness, he thought to himself, “I too shall lie in a corner and trust that ‘He’ will provide for me.”

He waited for food and after a month of starvation he was nearly at death’s door when he heard a voice  “O you! Open your eyes to the ‘Truth’; be like the Tiger and not the Fox!”


An intriguing dilemma this is, as it brings us to the eternal question, “Is there a pre-determined destiny? If so why should I have to struggle or work? What is mine will come to me.”

This thinking may be philosophically interesting as we all have a tiger and a fox in us. But why not experiment it with yourself? Try doing nothing and thinking nothing for the shortest time and see if it is even possible. This experiment will reveal your inner reality. Either the tiger or the fox will surface and whoever appears first, is your Truth and no one else’s.

Being the tiger has its advantage, it gets to eat first.