The crisp wintery air touches your face. You close your eyes; take a deep breath, then another deep breath. You keep repeating the process while keeping your mind clear of all distractions, until your senses sharpen. You can make out every single sound around you, be it the chirping of birds on your terrace, or, squirrels stealthily moving in and around your feet. That is what happens when you are in your true form. It’s not physical, mental or a cognitive form and it’s not even a spiritual form. It’s your universal form. Once in this form, it’s up to you how you want to realize yourself. Ask questions, contemplate, rediscover knowledge, have visions or past life experiences, or just sit silently in contentment. It’s an incomprehensibly powerful and remarkable experience.

Imagine a scenario where two friends are on a bus journey in the cold and pristine desert of Ladakh. The bus stops at a roadside fruit shop. Now, what is a fruit vendor doing in the middle of a cold desert? The two friends get off, and agree to buy a fruit salad. One friend just wants to enjoy the flavors, while the other one is the more curious. He wants to know, where the vendor got his fruits from. Did he grow them? Did he import them? If imported, then from where? As you can see there may be an endless barrage of questions. Like me, many reading this article are the nosey or to describe it better- the “curious” ones. We want to know from where we get these visions.

Despite not having the sufficient spiritual and scientific merit to validate my understanding of this phenomenon, what I do have, is the necessary and quintessential aptitude to link both of them to such an extent that…….well, it does start making some kind of sense. These experiences aren’t just visions. These are so remarkably powerful and vivid that you actually live them for the duration. You feel every emotion, every hurt and every joy as if you are the person being shown in the vision. When they finish, you feel as if a massive weight has been lifted off your brain and you are back in an alien world. You are amazed, but at the same time, everything else starts seeming trivial to you.

Now, why do we live such powerful moments? Perhaps, to better our understanding of ourselves and get us closer to enlightenment? Whatever the reason may be, I guess we won’t be able to comprehend it completely in our mortal state. But, what I can offer you is an explanation as to how we experience them. This, my dear friends, is explainable through what quantum physics calls ‘Quantum entanglement’.

By definition: ‘Quantum entanglement’ is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently – instead, a quantum state may be given for the system as a whole – [from Wikipedia].

What it basically means is that two particles or atoms are thrown into a state known as entanglement, where what happens to one atom will affect its entangled partner in the same way and vice versa. This, as Einstein had put it is a “spooky action at a distance”, which actually occurs instantaneously regardless of the distance between them, be it metres or light years, though the latter point is still disputed within the physics community considering that the speed of light is the cosmic speed limit. However, whatever may be the true answer to entanglement’s “Faster-than-light” nature, I will still go forward with an explanation, assuming that entanglement does occur faster than light’s speed.

Our brain is incomprehensibly powerful. We only use 10 % of it. From that small percentage, comes out the fantastic world we see all around us. Use the other 90%, and you can expect superhuman or even godly powers. Who knows what will happen then. But nobody is able to use the 90% of the brain naturally in the conscious state. But what happens during the unconscious state? That, my friends’ is the right question.

When we meditate or enter a sleep like state, also described as theta frequency of the brain, we are able to access the subconscious part of the brain, where the majority of the brain power resides. Dreams, visions and even mystical communication sessions occur here. But contrary to what some scientists say that it’s just a powerful concoction of the mind, I say it could be much more than that. Our brain is a powerhouse of computing. It’s essentially an organic quantum computer. What if, in the meditative state, it is actually hacking into the mainframe of the universe, piercing the space-time fabric itself and accessing the information contained in the universe?

If this were to be true, we would be able to access the past, present and future, regardless of what era we belong to, because all information is just pure information for the universe. The tenses are just a human fabrication to explain time in our perspective. Actually they occur simultaneously.

But don’t get any ideas from this. We can probably only access that much information which is permitted to us, safe for us, and which matches the working frequency or wavelength of our brain. This frequency is also affected by the energy inside us, also referred to as the “soul”. So in essence, you can only access the information of lifetimes that were occupied by our soul, as they all have a common frequency.

Entanglement raises its hand like an eager kid when we get here. Let it answer then. When you see the past lifetime, the atoms in and around us, in this lifetime, and in the other, get entangled with each other. This is where we thank our brain. So, what is happening in the past lifetime inadvertently affects the particles in the present in the same way, and this information transferred during the entanglement is interpreted as audio, visual and emotional feedback by our brain. This is why we have these visions. They are real and are being transferred through quantum entanglement by the networking between the universal computer and our organic computer (the brain), while in the meditative state.

Why so much of discussion, explanation, contemplation. Why? I don’t know. I’m just a 19 year old college student. It’s your journey, and what you make of it is yours to do. You’ll eventually get the answer; all of us will do, in this lifetime or the other. Just enjoy and question, but not too much of questioning. Why? Because those two dudes at the fruit vendor; the nosy and “curious” one missed his bus as he took too much time I guess. The driver got fed up.  And the other friend was too busy enjoying his journey.




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