Act before it is too late.

Wars are fought differently today. Enemies no longer cross borders with tanks, artillery and ammunition. We don’t take captives like we used to, neither do we occupy territory like before. Instead, we create internal riots, rebellions, discord and violence. We break the harmony and create splits socially, religiously, and otherwise, and it is all done from within; this is the silent takeover. Today’s most powerful ammunition is commerce, and so we secure resources and infiltrate internally. When we see signs of corruption, exploitation and distortion, we know the enemy has already taken over and claimed victory. Looking around today, it feels as if we are in the midst of a war; our resources are in danger. It does not serve us to be territorial and consider our land and people as different from those beyond theair are polluted. We are being subjected to mysterious viruses and diseases, and more dangerous boundary. Resources have no boundaries, and neither do the elements. Our water bodies and still, the disease of forgetfulness. This is where we lose our true identity and purpose, is a sign of the enemy taking over. If there was an event that could match the intensity of the collective suffering of wars, genocides and other distresses, and if it included millions of people all at the same time in the same space doing something intensely positive, it would be enough to neutralize the collective distress. But it must be more than a positive attitude. It has to be something very intense and life enforcing. We must infuse our body cells with the vibration of truth so we can spread the message far and wide. Can you imagine the effect when the majority holds one desire intensely to embody Truth?