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One Billion Balloons

July 6, 2016
The Soul Promise
July 6, 2016
Hello world!
April 4, 2017

Praise for One Billion Balloons

This book is absolutely crazy and amazing. After reading it, I have no thoughts, NOTHING. What a state! Impossible to put in words. I am struggling to write what I feel...bliss, blessing, grace? I feel really, really blessed and I am so grateful. I have no words to thank you, except the tears which are flowing from deep within. I love you for all the blessings and for connecting me to MYSELF. I am going to share this experience with those whom I think will connect to it. –Rajiv Bhatnagar, New Delhi

This is well worth reading and examining. What is truth, what is fictional and what is the real message? I have no answers – but that is what is good about her book – it will make you think and look a new at the universe and the purpose of life. Having totally enjoyed author Ruby Bedi’s wonderful autobiography – “The Soul Promise” ( Which I was honored to have written the Foreword) I was hungry to read more from her. I thought she might write another book about some of her many other personal experiences. However, this book ( A Billion Balloons) rather surprised me – by using an inspiring fictional tale to open minds and hearts. It honors the oldest of traditions in which sages and wise men/women told stories to demonstrate great truths and impart wisdom to others. Looking at just the surface story the reader is entertained; but if one looked deeper and beyond the “surface” of the story then the reader becomes a “seeker” and discovers much more within. One begins to wonder when they read the last chapters of the book where all of this is taking them. Before Ruby had sent me a copy of her book to “review and looked over” for her, I was unaware of what it was about. The week before she sent it to me I had been spending time on “You Tube Video” watching old clips of Michael Jackson dancing and singing. I was not a huge fan of his but I found myself sitting at my computer watching him. I thought it was odd at the time. So when I found that Jackson connection in her story I was rather amused. Then I recalled my very recent trip to Hawaii where I had meet some guy on the street. He had engaged me in a what I thought was an odd and almost insane conversation about a movement he wanted to start with people gathering from all around the world for peace – and holding balloons or something like that. At the time I figured it was all crazy talk – then I took a more focused look at these little things and wondered if there was any thread running through the universe; was Ruby merely picking up these same kind of “messages” for her book. I do not understand fully what any of this might mean – but the story in her book will inspire you and others. –W. H. McDonald Jr. “The American Author Association / Author of: A Spiritual Warrior’s Journey, Documentary film maker, veteran advocate, chaplain, poet, actor, artis/b>

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